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Utvikling av samhandlings- og innovasjonsplattformer etter Urban Living Lab-metoden


The background of the project is that the current societal challenges are often intertangled and «wicked». Additionally, the speed of change is high, such as within technological development. The municipalities are to a great degree sectorally organized, and to a less degree organized in a way that enable them and other actors to see the greater picture. This is a reason behind the need for new ways to collaborate, which mobilize the broad specter of actors who can contribute to identify potential development paths in order to realize sustainable development and transition (c.f. UN Sustainable Development Goals). Urban Living Lab (ULL) is a platform for co-creation and innovation that can respond to the need for new ways to collaborate, that can enhance ecological, economic, social and cultural sustainability. Experiences from Europe show that ULL-based platforms create new dynamics, more creativity and give more people the chance to actively take part in developing places and innovate solutions.  

This report summarizes a project regarding the early phases of developing an Urban Living Lab in three Norwegian municipalities. The project supports the ULL-based platforms called Tenk Træna (Think Træna), ByLab Bodø (City Lab Bodø) and Pådriv (Front runners) in Oslo Hovinbyen in their establishment and further development. It describes the challenges that the places face, the political embeddedness, how the ULLs are organized and function, collaborative partners and activities. It also addressed factors that are perceived to influence the development and innovation. The places experience that the collaboration between sections in the municipalities and upon other actors have improved, but there are bureaucratic barrieres for innovations and testing of solutions. 

Project partners have been Oslo municipality Bjerke District (project owner), the change initiative «Pådriv» («Front runners in English) c/o SoCentral, Træna municipality, Bodø municipality, Nordland County Council, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) and Telemark Research Institute. The Research Council of Norway has financed the project.

The report builds on a previous report by Telemark Research Institute, which is discussing central characteristics and success factors of the ULL-approach.